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This website https://pos.tlscontact.com (the “Website”) is edited by TLS Contact Namibia Proprietary Limited, having its registered office at 8 Sinclair Street, Windhoek, Namibia, registered in the Companies Register under number 2017/0563 (“TLScontact”).

TLScontact is an official service provider of UK Visas & Immigration (“UKVI” or “UK Visas and Immigration”), the sole government authority with power to decide on visa applications for the United Kingdom. TLScontact collects visa applications both through this visa application centre for UKVI (referred to hereinafter as “Visa Application Centre” or “VAC” or “TLScontact Centre”) and through the Website.

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These terms and conditions of service (hereunder referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) apply without limitation or qualification to any and all service (hereunder referred to as “Service” or “Services”) offered by TLScontact on behalf of UK Visas and Immigration or on its own behalf to persons (hereunder referred to as “Applicant”, “Applicants”, “Customer”, or “you”, “your”) wishing to submit a visa application to UK Visas and Immigration through TLScontact and to the eventual provision of information by TLScontact concerning such visa application.

These Terms and Conditions concern, depending on the type of your visa application, the following services, comprising in particular:

  • The booking of your appointment at the VAC after completion of your visa application form on the GOV.UK website and payment of your visa fee to UKVI,
  • The submission of your visa application and of all supporting documentation (either through our assisted scanning service or through the self-upload service) in accordance with the requirements set out on the Website,
  • The enrolment of your biometric data (fingerprints and photo) unless you benefit from an exemption,
  • The transfer of your application to UKVI and,
  • The return of your travel document to the VAC.

These Terms and Conditions also govern the purchase by you of any and all optional services or products which TLScontact may provide in addition to the described above visa application services (hereunder referred to as “Added Value Service(s)”) for easy and comfortable submission of your visa application.

These Terms and Conditions may be consulted on the Website at any time. All amendments of these Terms and Conditions made from time to time shall be published on the Website. The amended Terms and Conditions, as displayed on the Website, shall prevail over any other previous version or over any other conflicting document.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the data recorded in the TLScontact information system shall constitute proof of all transactions entered with the Customer.

These Terms and Conditions shall be recognised as the contract governing the provision of Services between TLScontact and the Applicant. The Customer acknowledges that prior to submitting a visa application, he or she has read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide by them, without limitation or qualification.

The Customer represents and warrants that he or she has the requisite capacity to contract and receive the Service offered by TLScontact.

These Terms and Conditions are not applicable to any and all services provided and/or decisions made concerning your visa application by UKVI, notably to UKVI regulated services, such as the Priority or Super Priority Visa Services (with or without settlement in the United Kingdom), the price of which is collected by TLScontact solely on behalf of UKVI or the collection by TLScontact solely on behalf of UKVI of additional fees charged to some visa applicants by UKVI.



To order any Service to be provided by TLScontact, the Applicant is required to complete the different steps such as further detailed here.

Applicants may, if available, purchase Added Value Services via the Website or at the VAC thus requiring an additional fee to be paid to TLScontact. Added Value Services are optional and do not guarantee that your visa will be granted or that your visa application will be processed in priority to other applications, except to the extent that you purchase a UKVI Priority or Super Priority service, in which case you should refer to the UKVI terms and conditions for any further detail concerning these services. A list of Added Value Services offered by TLScontact is published here.

TLScontact will only accept an order for the Services if the Applicant has previously confirmed, in such manner as TLScontact may determine, to abide by these Terms and Conditions prior to submitting his or her visa application. Such a confirmation constitutes the proof of the contract for provision of Services to You. A service booking shall not be deemed final until TLScontact has acknowledged acceptance of the order and has received full payment of the relevant fee.

TLScontact reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order in the event of a pending dispute with the Customer regarding the payment of a previous order.



3.1 TLScontact Added Value Service Fee

The Added Value Services are provided at the current price as displayed on the Added Value Services page and at the VAC.

The price is inclusive of value-added tax and displayed in the currency of the country where the VAC is located, except for those VACs where the price may also be displayed in British Pound Sterling. The price is firm and non-revisable and includes all taxes, duties, fees and other levies imposed by local authorities. TLScontact reserves the right to change the price at any time in the case of all orders placed after the effective date of a price revision.

TLScontact will issue the Customer with an invoice upon payment of the order for Added Value Services placed with TLScontact.

The Customer expressly acknowledges and agrees that the price of some Added Value Services, such as the On Demand Mobile Visa Service, cannot be determined in advance, as it will depend on factors that cannot be known in advance, including but not limited to the venue of the appointment requested by the Customer other than a TLScontact Centre, the timing of the appointment, number of applicants, etc.

Except if otherwise stated in our refund policy here below, the Added Value Service fees are non- refundable and non-transferable once the Added Value Service is completed, whether or not a visa is ultimately granted to you by UKVI or whether or not you decide to withdraw your visa application.

3.2 UKVI visa fees, UKVI optional services fees and UKVI additional mandatory user pay fees

The amount of all of these above-mentioned fees is determined exclusively by UKVI. TLScontact has no control over, and does not accept any liability whatsoever for increases or amendments to these UKVI fees. These fees are stated including value-added tax in British Pound Sterling, in EURO or in the relevant local currency.

Generally speaking, these fees are paid directly to UKVI, except for service fees which TLScontact is authorised to collect from Applicants for and on behalf of UKVI.

If you have a question regarding the refund of the aforementioned fees, you should consult the UKVI general terms and conditions of service by clicking on the following UK Visas and Immigration terms and conditions of service. TLScontact accepts no claims for the refund of such UKVI fees which are not to be addressed to TLScontact.



4.1 The price is payable in full on the day the Customer places the order, in accordance with the procedure specified on the Website or at the VAC, by secure payment method:

  • By credit/debit card,
  • In cash (at a TLScontact Centre that accepts cash payments),
  • By cheque (at the TLScontact Centre),
  • By telephone,
  • By any other means of payment accepted by TLScontact after these General Terms and Conditions have come into force.

TLScontact will issue a receipt for the transaction upon receipt of payment.

You will remain liable to pay all fees charged by your payment card issuer. Before making the payment, you are advised to consult the bank that issued your payment card regarding any charges and interest you may incur by using this payment method.

4.2 Payment data is encrypted before transfer using the 256-bit SSL encrypted protocol.

TLScontact shall not be required to provide or supply the Added Value Services or Products if the price has not been paid in full in advance subject to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Payments made by the Customer will not be deemed final until TLScontact has actually received the amounts due.

For further information on payment terms, please leave a message on the Contact us page of the Website.



TLScontact undertakes to use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Services to Applicants depending on the appointment date that they have chosen.

TLScontact will process all visa applications with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with all the procedures prescribed by UKVI.

TLScontact does not guarantee that any error on your visa application form will be detected as we do not undertake to verify any information you provide. You are responsible for ensuring that all the information and documentation you provide is accurate, true and up to date.

TLScontact accepts no liability whatsoever arising from any delay in the provision of the Services caused by any event or by any third party, which is beyond the control of TLScontact.

The timeframe for a decision on your visa application from UKVI is outside of the influence of TLScontact and cannot be guaranteed by TLScontact. Making use of the Priority or Super Priority visa service, where applicable, will not guarantee that your visa application will be expedited or processed more quickly. Applicants are recommended not to make bookings related to their travel prior to receiving a decision on their visa applications. If Applicants are required to make such bookings in advance, they should consider a reasonable timeline for the processing of their visa applications prior to making such bookings.

Applicants bear responsibility to carefully read and understand the requirements set out in the visa application forms, complete them truthfully and with correct and accurate information, to provide the correct supporting documentation, to ensure that they have a valid passport (not damaged or expired) as well as to check the validity of the visa issued (including with regard to the period, number of entries, purpose etc.) when they receive it.

Applicants shall provide valid contact details to TLScontact in order for TLScontact to contact them in case any issue arises with their visa application or if additional documentation is required. TLScontact accepts no responsibility for any losses arising from an inability to contact an Applicant due to a lack of contact details provided, or in the event that an Applicant’s mobile phone is switched off, disconnected or not equipped with voice mail.



Firstly, the Customer is expressly advised that the price of Added Value Services paid to TLScontact cannot be refunded on the grounds that UKVI has refused the visa application or that the Customer has decided to cancel the visa application after having submitted the application, once the procedure is underway.

Secondly, the Customer is expressly advised that any and all visa application fees paid to UKVI or paid to TLScontact solely for and on behalf of UKVI are not subject to a right of cancellation with TLScontact and any refund request for such visa application fees is to be addressed solely to UKVI, such as already mentioned in clause 3.2 here above.

TLScontact fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once the Added Value Service is completed or once your visa application has been transferred to UKVI.

With regard to Added Value Services, where provision of the service commences as of the date of purchase and prior to the provision of the Added Value Service, such as for example and where available:

  • Prime Time Appointment,
  • Premium Lounge,
  • Group Appointment Service,
  • On-Demand Mobile Visa Service,
  • Prime Time on Demand,
  • Extended Passback Hours,
  • Express Courier Return.

Any and all requests for cancellation, to the extent such as is legally authorised by the governing law, must be received by TLScontact in writing at least 5 (five) working days before the scheduled appointment or passport return or collection date. In the event of cancellation after this deadline, an amount of fifty per cent (50%) or seventy per cent (70%) of the price, depending on the nature of the Added Value Service, corresponding to the costs of the administrative procedures triggered by the provision of the relevant Added Value Service until receipt of the written notification of your decision to cancel the Added Value Service, may be withheld by TLScontact.

With regard to Added Value Services for which provision commences at the time when you carry out the administrative and/or biometric procedures required for submitting your visa application at the TLScontact Centre, such as for example and where available, Keep My Passport, SMS Notification, Form Filling Assistance, Application and Document Check, Photocopy, Printing, Assisted service, Assisted Service Settlement, Assisted Service Settlement Priority, any and all requests for cancellation, to the extent such as is legally authorised by the governing law, must be received by TLScontact in writing before your visa application is submitted and before your biometric data is collected at the TLScontact Centre. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to receive any refund on the price of such Added Value Service.

With regard to the Walk In Without Appointment service, any request for cancellation and refund must be submitted in writing before you visit or start the visa application process at the TLScontact Centre in order to carry out the administrative and biometric procedure required for submitting your application.



7.1 UKVI gives no competence and powers whatsoever to TLScontact regarding the assessment of visa applications or decision-making regarding visa applications. As a result, TLScontact accepts no liability regarding the decisions made by UKVI on your visa application or regarding any delay by UKVI in the assessing of your visa application or for the request of further information on your visa application.

TLScontact accepts no liability for loss, delays or non-issuance of any visa or visa application arising from or in connection with (such as but not limited to) incomplete application forms, incorrectly or falsely completed application forms, and inaccurate, incomplete or false supporting documentation.

TLScontact accepts no liability to any Applicant or any other person relying on or benefiting from any visa application for any costs or expenses incurred in reliance on or in anticipation of receiving a visa, whether within a particular timescale or at all, such as but not limited to any travel, and/or accommodation arrangements made.

TLScontact accepts no liability for any loss of profit, business interruption, loss of business or business opportunity, wasted expenditure, or any other business or occupation related loss or damage suffered or incurred as a result of delay, misplacement, loss or damage of applications, passports or other documents, or due to negligence or breach of contract in connection with any application or any advice or information given in relation to any application.

TLScontact accepts no liability to any Applicant or any other person relying on or benefiting from any application visa for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever due to delay, misplacement, loss or damage of applications, passports and other documents, or due to negligence or breach of contract in connection with any application or any advice or information given in relation to any application.

TLScontact shall not be considered to be in breach of contract and liable in any way for any delay, loss, damage to any passport or any other document or the visa application due to an event outside of the control of TLScontact such as but not limited to any accident, theft, natural calamities and not arising out of a wilful default committed by TLScontact.

TLScontact shall not be liable for any loss, delays, damages to any visa application, passport or any other documents occurred or caused by any third party and outside of the control of TLScontact.

TLScontact shall bear no liability for any delays, loss or damage to any visa application, any passport or any other documents, caused by, or occurring whilst in the possession of any third party postal or courier service, including transportation of visa applications, passports or any other documents between TLScontact and UK Visas and Immigration or when being returned to the Applicant by TLScontact.

In the exceptional case of an Applicant’s submitted passport being lost or seriously damaged leading the passport to be in an unusable condition due to gross negligence committed by TLScontact, TLScontact will refund to the Applicant solely and exclusively any fee that might have been paid for a TLScontact Added Value Service (excluding any and all optional added value services fees or any other mandatory visa application fee collected by TLScontact for and on behalf of UKVI) and the fee charged by the government of the Applicant’s home country for the replacement of the lost or damaged passport through a normal replacement procedure upon submission of the payment receipt by the Applicant in order to claim a refund. TLScontact shall not pay to the Applicant any other costs incurred by the Applicant to obtain the replacement of his or her passport, including without limitation, travel charges, accommodation charges, loss of time, loss of business or business opportunities.

Any complaints regarding the decision made in response to your visa application should be sent solely to UK Visas and Immigration.



TLScontact is authorised to collect personal data from Applicants in relation to visa applications for the UK, including information provided through printed and website application forms, passports or other documents. This information may as an example include names, addresses, contact details, place of birth, passport details, employment details, travel details, etc.

TLScontact only requests, collects and processes personal data which is strictly required for the purposes of providing the Services to you. You hereby consent to the collection, storage, processing and submission of your personal information by TLScontact as well as the cross-border transfer of your personal information should this be required by UKVI for the processing of your visa application.

You hereby consent and acknowledge that TLScontact may be required to transfer your personal data to partners entrusted with the strict provision of any or all Services subject to the Terms and Conditions. For any service not covered by these Terms and Conditions which may be offered by a third party to you, TLScontact will only share your data if you agree to do so. All third-party partners undertake to provide a sufficient level of protection in respect of your personal data in order to ensure the security of your personal data.

Your Personal data is also retained and processed separately by UKVI in accordance with its data protection policies and procedures.

In accordance with and subject to the applicable law and regulations, Applicants may have various rights with regard to the processing of their personal data, such as the right to be informed, to access, alter, rectify or erase their personal data, or to object and restrict processing of their personal data as well as a right to data portability.

These rights may be exercised in accordance with the conditions and procedures set out on the Privacy Notice and applicable to our Visa Application Centre.



The content of the Website is the property of TLScontact and is protected by intellectual property laws.

All reproduction of this content in whole or in part is strictly forbidden and is liable to constitute an act of infringement.

Furthermore, TLScontact shall retain all intellectual property rights in the photographs, presentations, studies, designs, models, prototypes, etc. created (including at the Customer’s request) for the purposes of providing or supplying Added Value Services. The Customer therefore agrees not to reproduce, or use said studies, designs, models, prototypes, etc. without TLScontact’s express prior written authorisation, for which TLScontact shall be entitled to request financial consideration.



These Terms and Conditions and the transactions ensuing therefrom shall be governed solely and exclusively by the law applicable in the country of the TLScontact Centre where you have submitted your visa application for the United Kingdom.



All disputes arising from or in connection with the transactions of provision of Services by TLScontact entered into pursuant to the Terms and Conditions that cannot be resolved amicably between TLScontact and the Customer shall be referred to the courts with exclusive jurisdiction in accordance with the law applicable in the country of the TLScontact Centre where you have submitted your visa application for the United Kingdom.



TLScontact at its sole discretion, may change, amend, cancel or withdraw any or all of the terms of the Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice in accordance with clause 1 here above.