⚠ NEW UK VISA APPOINTMENTS: From 01 November 2023 UK visa appointments will be available in the Visa Application Centre in Kukes.


Designed to enhance your application experience

Recommended Services for you

Flexi Appointment


Don’t worry about delays and travelling during busy times when booking your appointment – choose flexi and arrive when it suits you.

ALL 10,500.00

Express Courier Return


Avoid unnecessary travel, save time, and avoid the crowds by having your passport returned to you by courier.

ALL 8,400.00

Prime Time Appointment


Can’t come to our visa centre during business hours?

ALL 12,100.00

Upgrade your application experience

Added Value Services are entirely optional. Purchasing any of these services will in no way affect or influence UK Visas and Immigration’s decision on your application.

Assisted Service

Assisted Service

Want help scanning and uploading your documents?

Want to make sure that your documents have been scanned and uploaded correctly? No time to do this yourself? Get our staff to do this for you when you come to our Visa Application Centre for your appointment.

Payment: Onsite

EUR 45.00 / ALL 5,500.00
Assisted Service Settlement

Assisted Service Settlement

Your Sponsor needs help uploading documents for Settlement visa?

You want to ensure that your sponsor documents are scanned and uploaded correctly? No time to do this yourself?

For an additional fee, documents can be sent by you, your sponsor, agent or representative, by post to the SCANNING HUB in the UK, along with the Payment Confirmation, Document Checklist and Declaration. If you purchase this standard service, documents will be scanned in 5 UK working days from receipt of the documents at the scanning hub in the UK. Click here to read more.

Payment: Online or via bank transfer

EUR 111.00 / ALL 12,300.00
Keep My Passport

Keep My Passport

Enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your passport with you while you’re waiting for a visa decision.

There are many situations where you might need your passport while you’re waiting for your visa application to be processed. You may need to travel elsewhere or need it for ID purposes, or you may just prefer to keep it with you.

By choosing ‘Keep My Passport’, your access to your passport will not be impacted by any potential travel restrictions, and you have the security and reassurance of knowing that you have your passport with you if you need it. If you combine it with Express Courier Return, you will not need to return to our Visa Application Centre a second time, reducing the number of trips you need to make.

Payment: Onsite

ALL 11,000.00
Priority Visa Service (Non Settlement)

Priority visa service - non settlement (service offered by UKVI)

Get your application decision within 5 working days.

Payment: Online

EUR 618.89

Priority visa settlement

Priority visa service - settlement (service offered by UKVI)

Get your application decision within 30 working days.

Payment: Online

EUR 615.33

Online Payment Assistance

Online Payment Assistance

Need assistance with your online payment?

Do you need assistance processing your online registration payment?

Get support from the experienced staff at our Visa Application Centre to finalize your registration.

Payment: Onsite

ALL 700.00
Form Filling Assistance

Form Filling Assistance

Need help completing your on-line application form?

Are you unsure how to answer certain questions in the online application form?

Do you have any questions about the information required for your application?

No problem: our experienced staff can guide you in this process.

Payment: Onsite

ALL 5,500.00

Travel Services

Global Rescue Membership

Global Rescue Membership

TLScontact is a Global Rescue Safe Travel Partner

Global Rescue provides the ultimate in reassurance for travellers in an uncertain world.

Payment: Online

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Other Services

SMS Notification

SMS Notification

Want an immediate alert when your passport is available for collection?

Would you like to be notified immediately once we receive your passport?
We will send you an SMS so that you can pick it up the same day.

Payment: Onsite

ALL 300.00


Need photocopies of your supporting documents?

Do you need to photocopy supporting documents for your application?
A photocopy machine is at your disposal in our Visa Application Centre.

Payment: Onsite

ALL 60.00 (up to 10 pages) /
ALL 400.00 (more than 10 pages)